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Communication Skills Courses


The leading cause of conflict is a breakdown in communication. Getting your message across clearly and succinctly to your audience is a highly-prized skill that takes years to master. Apcot International teaches a wide range of communication styles so as to help you better adapt your communication techniques towards achieving your goals.

Effective Communication Skills

Connect better with everyone you interact with.


When you speak, do people pay attention? Does your message really sink in? Are you comfortable bringing sensitive issues to the forefront? Ineffective communication can lead to misunderstandings and missed opportunities, and can damage your credibility. Understanding how others receive and interpret our messages together with the skills to communicate our messages to others will make us effective communicators.

Assertive Communication Skills

Everyone can gain from greater assertiveness, confidence and self-esteem and this does not have to involve aggression.  Assertive communication will help you to acquire skills you need to tap into your hidden talents, to define and pursue your ambitions and to stand up for yourself.  You can use your influence to extend your beliefs and values to others in your organization.

Powerful Negotiation Techniques

Negotiation can play a vital role in getting what you want in your personal and professional lives.  Whether it is a sale negotiation, price negotiation or a contract negotiation, you can achieve the optimal results for yourself as well as your opponent by creating a WIN-WIN situation.

Workplace Interpersonal Skills

Everyday, you come into contact with a variety of people in your workplace. Whether your encounter will be a success or failure depends in part on the strength of your interpersonal communication skills. Learn how to recognize that different people have different working styles. Learn to uncover people's values and how to gain their trust.

Making Winning Presentations

Presentation is the key to achieving the desired results.  Create the right impression by making the right presentations, whether your audience is one or one hundred and one.  Learn the skill to Impress, Impact and Inspire.

Working Effectively With Your Colleagues and Boss

Whether you are in a big or small organization, you never work alone. The relationships that you create and manage with both your immediate boss and colleagues are critical for your work success and career progress. Every organization values a successful team-player. If you are able to work effectively with every one at your workplace, you will eventually do well for yourself. Working as part of a team is an acquired skill and can be learned over time.



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