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Customer Service and Sales Courses


The foundation of any sustainable and successful business is its customers. Customers buy your products or use your services. They can also be an effective channel in spreading your brand to others. Learn to connect with them, and convert them into loyal followers.

Dealing with Difficult Customers

There is an old saying that a happy customer tells few people, but an unhappy customers complain to many.


Taking care of customers is the first order of any business. Unhappy customers may not only cost you their business, but they can also hurt your company's reputation as well. Understand why customers become difficult and learn to handle them effectively. Afterall, it is easier to keep a customer than to get a new one.

Powerful Telephone Techniques

Master today's key skills and strategies for effective telephone use.


Everyday, hundreds of telephone calls present opportunities to create or lose business. Good common sense telephone techniques and old-fashioned courtesy, especially in today's digital age, often define crucial business moments. Poor telephone skills can cause customer dissatisfaction or loss of customers, damage the organization image and threaten overall caller goodwill.

Sales And Negotiation Techniques

This is a specially customized programme which focuses on giving a salesperson the essential knowledge in sales and negotiation skills. It covers the sales process, closing techniques and negotiation techniques plus how to counter common negotiation gambits.

Effective Telephone Selling Skills

The Telephone can be a powerful sales tool.


Almost every household has a telephone, and businesses usually have several.  Tapping into the telephone market and using it for sales can bring in the money for your company.  The process of making sales over the phone requires skills.  Powerful Telephone Sales is your guide to developing and implementing a successful telephone marketing campaign.



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