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Workplace Effectiveness Courses


Productivity in the office is an increasing challenge in today's work environment. There are numerous distractions to contend with, from telephone calls to emails to business meetings. These are highly disruptive to schedules, resulting in overall poor performance. Apcot International has specifically designed courses to combat against such unproductivity, ensuring greater outcomes from employees.

Time Mastery -
Get the Most out of your Work Day

Do you sometimes wish you could create more hours in the day to accomplish your business and personal tasks? While it’s hard to make more time, there is a better way to manage time. This Time Mastery programme is a powerful tool you can use to prioritize activities, fight procrastination, and develop a time management system that matches your unique way of working. You can take hold of your time, schedule and manage your job more effectively.

Holding Successful Meetings

More than half of executive time is spent around the meeting room table. Meeting overkill is a contribution to job stress and non-productive meetings kill the joy out of your job.  The good news is that you can really control the frequency and effectiveness of your meetings.

High Impact Business Writing

Business writing differs from other kinds of writing. Unlike essay or script writing where the writers use words to tease the senses with colour and texture to challenge the reader's imagination, business writing has a different function. Business writing is concise and precise, saying as much as possible with as few words as possible. The writer also has to follow an acceptable format for each type of business message. This workshop gives the participants the foundation of business writing.

Creativity and Innovation
Developing a Win-Win Mindset

Having the correct mindset is the crucial factor in today's business environment. Whether you are in management, supervisory, sales or a customer support role, having a win-win mindset is the key to success in almost every encounter.

The longer the list of ideas, the higher the quality of the final solution.


Research has shown that in creativity, quantity equals quality. The longer the list of ideas, the higher the quality of the final solution. People are naturally creative but unfortunately as we grow up, we learn to be uncreative. The good news is creativity is a skill that can be developed and a process that can be managed. This one-day workshop is designed to stress to the participants the need to revive their creativity through fostering a creative environment and putting practical creative techniques into practice.

Many of today's work teams are teams in name only. They are merely a group of individuals. High performance teams have certain traits. This is an experiential team-building programme to instill high performance traits into your work team and grow the team into a highly successful work team.



Enhance your Attention Span and Memory

Easily distracted and forgetting things? In today's fast paced world where we are bombarded with calls and emails, learning to concentrate on tasks is ever more important. 


Teach yourself to develop superb focus! Learn how your mind works, and how to train it to achieve better performance at work!



En.A.B.L.E Professionals for Increased Productivity

Do you want to enhance your ability and increase your productivity?


What affects your work productivity? To excel in your work, you need to understand the four critical factors: Ability, Behaviour, Life-Skills and Emotions. Search no further to discover how to enhance all four components at your workplace!



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