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What Our Clients Say...

The Winning Leader™


"This is one of the best leadership course which I have attended!" - Lee EC, Snr Inspector, PID, SPF


"It was a very rewarding and enriching 2 days. Opened up a new perspective and approach to the issue of leadership." - T Thng, MD, Ozone Barter Pte Ltd


"I believed the program has given me a better understanding of the leadership process and what it takes to become a better leader." - G Lai, HR Regional Manager


"A powerful program that delivers vital knowledge for anyone wanting to build up the skills to become a great manager. Made aware of the structural approach to become a great leader." - R. Nair, Senior Manager, CRO, NEA


"This is a very good, useful course which people holding supervisory roles or leading roles should attend, This course will guide participants to become a 'Winning leader." - K Lim, Team Leader, SECCOM, SPF


"Material is excellent and helps us discover. Good programme for all leaders." - S Chan, Manager, Computer Centre, NUS


"The course trainer was very professional and sincere in his training approach. I benefit tremendously from the leadership programme. I would like to learn more about it. What I found most beneficial and will apply…what it takes to lead; mentorship; developing others; build relationship with others; develop potential leaders; build inner circle." - D Loh, Teacher, Anglo Chinese Junior College


"This training is rather different from other leadership training; it has opened up my mind." - CY Lee, Human Resource/Staff Development Manager, MMI

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