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The Winning Leader


Your organization's ability to grow is directly tied to your ability and desire to grow personally as a leader. If you want to reach new levels of effectiveness in your job, raise your leadership. If you want to grow your company, grow your leaders. Leadership development is the key to raising workforce competitiveness.


The Winning Leader is a leadership workshop based on the best practices in leadership.

Workshop Overview


This programme is a 2-day workshop based on the best practices and proven leadership principles. It aims to equip participants with the concepts and tools to gauge, develop and improve their leadership ability, through the implementation of the behaviours of successful leadership.

While most training focuses on Job Knowledge and Management Skills, this workshop targets the practices and predictable behaviours of great leadership. The workshop overlays proven leadership behaviours with a clear path on how to develop those leadership behaviours.


What Level Am I At?

Level 1: Focus on Position

This is the entry level of leadership. The only influence you have is that which comes with your title.

You are at Level 1 if:

a. People follow you because they have to, they have no choice.
b. People will not follow you beyond your stated authority.
c. You need to constantly assert your authority or remind others of your authority.
d. You have difficulty working with volunteers, white-collar workers and younger people.

Level 2: Focus on Attracting Followers

At this level, you have built a good relationship with the people you are leading. You time,energy and focus are placed on the individual's needs and desires.

You are at Level 2 if:

a. People are following you because they want to.
b. You have established a good working relationship with the people you are leading.
c. You connect well with your people and you care for them.
d. You have no problem gathering people around you.

Level 3: Focus on Delivering Results

At level 3, you lead the people to accomplish a purpose. The people are result-oriented and good things begin to happen within the organization.

You are at Level 3 if:

a. Profit increases, morale is high, turnover is low and goals are being realised.
b. The people you lead are result-oriented.
c. You find that leading and influencing others is fun.
d. People recognise your achievements in the organization.

Level 4: Focus on Developing New Leaders

At level 4, you begin to develop other leaders. There is a bond of loyalty between you and the people you develop.

You are at Level 4 if:

a. You are comfortable to empower others.
b. Your followers grow through your mentorship.
c. Your followers are loyal to you.
d. You have developed a core group of leaders.

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The Winning Leader workshop teaches leaders how to apply the appropriate leadership behaviours into their specific daily actions, allowing the commitment of those they are leading to reach new levels.

What Will I Learn?

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How to gain commitment from everyone you work with regardless of your title.

How to evaluate workplace relationships for maximum productivity.

How to lead with integrity and earn the respect of your co-workers while getting the job done.

How to track leadership results through the values chain.

How to influence the most persuasive person in your organization.

How using your title or position is much as an advantage as it is a disadvantage.

The one principle you must follow before developing someone else.

How to align a team towards a common direction.

How your attitude as a leader sets the tone for everything you touch.

How to motivate the unmotivated.

The 5 steps that successful leaders use to develop other people.

How to get your team on the same page inspite of workplace differences.

How to ignite passion and energy into your work and into those you lead.

How to resolve a business issue when you do not have the answer, but are being held accountable for an answer.

How to achieve results through relationships.

How to create and communicate a vision regardless of your level within an organization.

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Workshop Curriculum

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The workshop curriculum is designed to ensure that what you learned at the workshop is transferred into observable and measurable behaviours. In other words, what you do differently after the workshop, based upon what you learned at the workshop, must be observable and measurable.

Therefore our curriculum is designed so that you:

  • Learn new leadership behaviours.

  • Understand the impact of aligning your leadership approach with these behaviours.

  • Understand the consequences of not aligning your leadership with these behaviours.

  • Practise the leadership behaviours, as well as observe others in the same role.

The curriculum focuses on the following areas:

  • Model

    • Focusing on relationship

    • Connecting with your people

    • Winning attitude

    • Exhibit integrity

    • Uncover your people's values

  • Motivate

    • Producing results 

    • Priortise your tasks

    • Motivate others

    • Cast and share your vision

  • Mentor

    • Identify your top 20%

    • Empower others

    • Guide your people

  • Multiply

    • Growing your people

    • Build your Inner Circle

    • Reproducing leaders

Most importantly, throughout the workshop, you take action to clearly establish a plan to implement these newly learned behaviours on the job so that they are Observable and Measurable.

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Delivery Methods


Open Workshops (click to register)


An open workshop is perfect for employees from small organizations and large organizations which are unable to release a large number of staff in one go. AttendingThe Winning Leader Open Workshop also allows you, not only to experience this incredible training workshop, but also to network with other leaders in your business community.


Corporate Workshops


The greatest transformation occurs when an entire department, management, or executive team is involved in the same process at the same time. Involving an entire department or management team is one of the greatest methods to have a deep and rapid impact on your organization. Everyone develops a new vocabulary and frame of reference, allowing for increased efficiency . Our certified facilitator will come to your company, at your location, at your convenience, to develop your leaders.


Facilitator: Yeo Tian Seong


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